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expected traffic concerns.

Steady White Light

Both of these signs mean that you may walk. However, first you should:
•Look to the left, right and left again.
•Watch for turning cars.
•When it is safe, leave the curb and cross the street.

Flashing Orange Lights

Both of these "DON'T WALK" signals, when they are flashing, mean to use caution.
•If you are in the street, finish crossing the street.
•If you have not started crossing the street, stay on the curb.

(If the lights in these graphics aren't flashing, try your browser's reload or refresh button.)

Steady Orange Light

These "DON'T WALK" signals, when the orange lights are steady, mean STOP.
•Stay on the curb.
•If a button is provided, push the button and wait for the "WALK" signal.
Pedestrian Safety
Click the Link Below for Information and updates about the Ashford
Avenue Bridge Construction Project.
New York Is a "Hands Free State" do
not drive while using your CellPhone.

Take special care while driving with
all the Pokemon Go users out there
trying to catch them all.